Places Of Interest

Operating somewhat similarly to a settlement and sharing some of the same options, Places of Interest, or simply just "Places", are locations on the map created by other players to describe a given building, space, or natural occurrence.

Places are controlled by a particular player, who can then control who has access to visit them or do things within. Furthermore, like settlements, they can entered with military forces or attacked in a siege. Unlike settlements, places that have no one inside cannot be sieged at this time, as places do not have the ability to garrison militia. This will com in a future update.

Places come in a number of different varieties, many of which will be expanded upon at a later date, and some of which can only be built inside or outside of a settlement. When you're in interaction distance, you'll be able to leave a message for the character responsible for the place. This can be the owner, the ruler of a realm, the lord, or a foreign ambassador, depending on the type of place you're at.

All places require permission of the lord to be built, either by having permission granted or being the lord. Some have further restrictions, like requiring a certain building, being inside or outside, or holding a particular type of position.

In the Messaging Update (very likely the next major update after the Siege Update) Places will be expanded to include their own private conversations and reply lists, as they'll be considered a locality similarly to settlements.


Placeable: In a future update.

In the upcoming Activities Update, academies will be able to be built if an academy is available in the settlement, and these Places will allow you to formally train other characters in a given skill or set of skills, dependent on your own capabilities with that skill.


Placeable: In a future update.

In the upcoming Activities Update, arenas will allow you to fight captured monsters, animals, and prisoners in a staged arena for glory or riches.


Placeable: By the realm's ruler.

Capitals allow you to properly detail what your realm's seat of power actually looks like. Similarily to how capital regions are linked on a realm's info page, capital places are linked as well, if present.

Unlike most places, Capitals do not have a traditional owner that manages them, but are instead managed by any of the rulers of the owning realm.


Placeable: Inside settlements by the lord.

Always wished you could describe how grim or dark or bright or interesting your lord's castle is? Castles have you covered.


Placeable: By anyone.

You can never be quite sure what you'll find in a cave. Sometimes it'll be a private getaway, other times a dragon. Occasionally, just a lot of rock.


Placeable: By anyone that is either holding a diplomatic position or is the ruler

One of the more interesting types of places, Embassies can only be placed in foreign realms. They allow communication between anyone in interaction distance of the Embassy and any characters holding a Diplomatic position in the Embassy's realm if the Embassy is recognized by the hosting realm.


Placeable: In a future update, outside a settlement by the lord or a character holding a military position.

Forts will allow you to garrison strategic points on the map and create a standing order for those stationed there to block travel of anyone passing by. There is not currently a scheduled update for these to be implemented.


Placeable: By the head of a house.

Homes are the catch-all term for any place that is the main gathering point of a house, though in instances where there is no associated house they can be used as a regular descriptive manor or estate.


Placeable: By anyone in a region that has an inn built, inside a settlement or not.

We're not entirely sure why you'd want to describe a particular inn, but we won't deny you the option. Unlike other places, these are considered public buildings, and cannot restrict entry.


Placeable: By anyone in a settlement that has a library built.

Similarly to inns, we're not entire sure why you'd want to describe a library in great detail, but you certainly can. Also, like inns, these are considered public buildings.


Placeable: By the lord.

Monuments are the catch all for any type of public space that serves as a memorial to some past achievement. These are considered a public space.


Placeable: By the lord.

Really, plazas are just any area dedicated to being an open space. Perhaps it's for a market, or for events, or just because you wanted a fountain in town.


Placeable: By the GM.

Passages are interesting because you can never be too sure where they lead or whether or not you'll encounter a grue.


Placeable: By the GM.

Portals are very like passages in that they link places, but very unlike passages in that the places they link don't always have to make logical sense. They might not even link the same worlds. Some hear rumors of portals that lead to a world with near annual invasions by monsters, undead, and even daimons!


Placeable: In a future update.

Likely coming as part of the Activities Update, tracks will allow formal racing events to held in a closed environment.


Placeable: By anyone in the region that has a tavern built, inside a settlement or not.

Taverns are where you can go for a meal and a drink. Some of these even host small shows from musicians or comedians.

Tournament Grounds

Placeable: In a future update.

Coming as part of the Activities Update, tournament grounds will allow you to plan, coordinate, and participate in tournaments, be they melee, joust, or, yes, even archery.

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